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Chemical cycle of plastic packaging: development power and industrial model

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With the global policy advocacy for low-carbon development, circular economy and green packaging and the continuous strengthening of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, the packaging industry in the fields of FMCG and e-commerce logistics will be more and more green, circular, low-carbon and sustainable. Plastic packaging accounts for half of the packaging industry. Due to its large consumption and wide distribution, it is not only the main culprit of white pollution, but also the key stronghold of circular economy. Kemao Chemical Recycling Research Institute collates and analyzes the achievements of many years' scientific research and commercial development, writes this report, and tries to elaborate the green recycling scheme of plastic packaging from the perspective of recycling.
1. sustainable transformation stimulates the demand for 10 million tons of PCR plastic packaging
01 | sustainable transformation policy of plastic packaging
In recent years, many countries and regions have formulated a series of strategies and policies to control plastic pollution, promote plastic recycling and use recycled plastics.
For example, the European plastics strategy in a circular economy issued by the EU calls on all stakeholders to make commitments to ensure that 10million tons of recycled plastics will be included in new products in the EU market by 2025; The packaging and Packaging Waste Directive has also been issued, which stipulates that by 2025, at least 50% of plastic packaging will be recycled, and by 2030, at least 55% of plastic packaging will be recycled. At the same time, it stipulates that recycling does not include incineration and landfill.
In addition, many countries have also introduced bills and conventions that are conducive to promoting PCR plastics, such as the plastic convention initiated by the MacArthur Foundation. Dozens of countries and regions have committed to containing 25%-30% recycled components in plastic packaging by 2025-2030; The UK plastic packaging tax will impose a tax of £ 200 per ton on packaging with less than 30% recycled plastic.
These mandatory policies and regulations have promoted the emergence of PCR plastic market and stimulated the use demand of PCR plastics to a great extent.

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