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CMF introduction to common plastic materials

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Material CMF (color, material&finishing) is the basic cognition about the color, material and process of product design.
Introduction to CMF common plastic materials:
ABS introduction
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS engineering plastics) - ABS steel mold injection casting
1. scope of application: machinery, automobile, household appliances, etc
2. material characteristics: impact resistance, heat resistance, simple process, good gloss, easy to color, compared with other heat
Low cost for plastic
PP introduction
The cheapest plastic - Polypropylene (PP) - injection casting
1. scope of application: furniture, packaging, lighting equipment, food packaging, table mats, folders, note boxes, etc
Consumer goods
2. material characteristics: multiple choices of transparency and color, low density, strong heat resistance, good hardness, fastness and strength balance, simple and flexible processing method, excellent chemical resistance
PMMA introduction
Transparent organic glass polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) -- injection molding
1. scope of application: Retail signage for display supplies, indoor supplies, furniture, lighting equipment, glass assembly
2. material characteristics: a variety of manufacturing and processing methods, easy to process a variety of transparent, translucent, opaque and color, surface effects to choose from, excellent chemical resistance and weathering resistance, excellent chemical resistance and weathering resistance, high printing adhesion, fully recyclable, excellent visual clarity, special color creativity and color matching, high surface hardness and good durability.
3. classification: colorless transparent organic glass, colored transparent organic glass, pearlescent transparent organic glass, embossed colored transparent organic glass
CA introduction
Soft handle cellulose acetate (CA) -- secondary injection casting of steel mold
1. scope of application: tool handles, hairpins, toys, goggles and helmets, spectacle frames, toothbrushes, tableware handles, combs, photo negatives
2. material characteristics: low thermal conductivity, flexible production, various visual effects, excellent fluidity, good surface gloss, good electrical insulation, anti-static, self brightness, high transparency, strong compression resistance, unique surface vision, recyclable materials
Pet introduction
Soft drink bottle - polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material - injection blow molding
1. scope of application: film, electronic products, soft drink bottles, auto parts, mechanical equipment
2. material characteristics: recyclable (PET is one of the most recyclable plastic resins), excellent chemical resistance, hard and durable, excellent surface polishing, good compression resistance
PVC introduction
Sewer - polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - injection casting, blow molding or extrusion molding
1. scope of application: electronic products, food packaging, soft drink bottles, water pipes, gutters, shoes, cable conductors, toys, injection molded products, bright bodies, extruded products, glass assembly, packaging, credit cards
2. material characteristics: it is elastic and easy to color. It has a variety of hardness to choose from. It can be extruded, cast and blown. It can be strengthened with glass fiber. It can maintain its characteristics at low temperature. It can be printed and recycled. It has good tear and wear resistance, good sun and sea resistance, good oil and chemical resistance.

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